Class Levels

(* Exams are Optional)

(CEFR level A1)

For students who wish to use language in their work and daily life in basic interaction.

  • Make contacts and exchange basic information (personal, work, social)

  • Handle basic telephone conversations.

  • Work with numbers and dates.

  • Understand simple requests and instructions.

  • Make basic travel arrangements and appointments.

  • Complete forms and documents

  • Speak in the present tense.

Level Test
Pre-Intermediate Level

(CEFR level A2)

Students build on the skills they have and gain confidence to speak in the Present and Past giving them more flexibility to hold a conversation and express themselves more fluently.

  • Give simple explanations and instructions.

  • Understand and write simple emails and notes.

  • Make simple presentations on familiar topics.

  • Express themselves more fully in short conversations.

Level Test

(CEFR level B1)

Improve your fluency, increase your in-depth understanding with the option to prepare for external Cambridge English exams.

  • Converse more readily.

  • Take the initiative in a conversation.

  • Ask for information and understand the response.

  • Have a greater grammatical awareness in the present, past and future tenses.

  • Reading and listening comes more readily.

  • Vocabulary continues to expand.

Level Test
Upper Intermediate

(CEFR level B2)

For students whose daily life requires constant interaction in the target language. Their job requirement will demand more responsibility, which in turn demands for a stronger ability in the target language. Students are moving away from using translation and have a more natural approach to communicating in the target language.

  • Start writing with more grammatical structures in place

  • Speak more fluently without translating.

  • Understand information given to them.

  • Read longer texts and enjoy books.

Level Test
First Certificate

This target level is primarily an exam -based target. It is expanding on all of the B2 material and being able to manipulate the language more naturally. The exam pass grades are an A, (equivalent to CEF level C1), B or C.

  • Reading longer texts in a short space of time and answering comprehension questions on the passage.

  • Understanding text cohesion and content.

  • A 40-minute listening task divided into 4 different tasks.

  • Use of English testing vocabulary and grammar.

  • Writing tasks – reports, reviews, essays, articles, emails using the appropriate formal / informal written registers.

  • Speaking using coherent, correct speech, which communicates well to the listener.

Level Test

(CEFR level C1)

This target level is advanced and as such the student will mainly need to expand their knowledge and use of vocabulary for different scenarios and topics. Grammatically it is more a question of style in writing and register along with the correct use of expressions and subtleties. Understanding of texts at this level is also a great step up from the FCE exam.

  • The exam format is similar to the First Certificate but using a higher range of language and skills.

  • The pass grades awarded are A (equivalent to level CEF C2), B, C.

Level Test

(CEFR level C2)

This target level is the highest award in the target language. Idioms, expressions and style likened to a native speaker are required with a full extensive knowledge of vocabulary and grammatical precision.

  • Text appreciation contrasting and comparing 2 texts in the written paper.

  • Extensive expression needed for written tasks at a longer more in depth length expressing critical awareness and opinion in an appropriate tone.

  • Correct use of idiomatic structures and the capability of showing an appropriate linguistic register through grammar and lexis.

  • Pass grades awarded are A, B, C

Level Test


Build your confidence and fluency in this class which enables you to speak for 90 minutes in a small group likened to a coffee morning club.  Vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar will be covered as it comes up in conversation. The tutor continually monitors the conversation.

Writing skills workshop

This class will provide tutoring and practice tasks to cover the writing parts for the IELTS and the Cambridge “suite” of exams.

If you are aiming for IELTS for University entrance in the UK, we offer a full IELTS preparation class during the Summer term.

Grammar workshop

An hour group dedicated to exploring grammar points in more detail.  This class will give an overall look at English tenses and how they function together while also focusing on more complex structures of conditional sentences, passives and sentence structure in general. Being a workshop, students will have the opportunity to discuss areas of grammar they wish to clarify.

External Exams

The language Web tutors offer support and guidance for all official Cambridge (FCE, CAE, CPE) and IELTS exams. It is not compulsory to take external exams, however, should a student wish to work towards an official Cambridge exam or IELTS exam. Every assistance will be given for preparing the student for the four key skills (reading, speaking, listening and writing). The course and course books are tailored towards this requirement.

Level Test