English Language Lessons for Cambridge exam preparation

Au Pairs : Students requiring exam qualification for education and employment

Students must have (Pre-)Settled status (if living in UK)

Online Classes (General)

100% Student Interaction
  • Online Live Zoom classes

  • 1 to 1 and 1 to 2 tutor/students

  • 1 to 5 hours tuition per week 

  • Cambridge exam preparation

  • Clear audio listening exercises

  • Minimum commitment: 4 weeks

  • IELTS coaching

  • Online top-up lessons available

In Classroom (Groups)

(Not currently available)
  • Location: Balham, London SW12 9BS

  • Cambridge exam preparation

  • Exam fees payable to Cambridge

  • Balham classes maximum 12 students

  • COVID-secure environment

  • 3 hours tuition per week

  • Please request an Assessment Level Test

  • Minimum commitment: 12 weeks

The language Coach

1 to 1 (Business English)
  • Personalised private English courses

  • Free consultation

  • Suitable for Business professionals

  • Rapidly improve your English level

  • Effective and high impact tuition

  • Teacher preparation coaching

  • 1 to 1 English tuition

Level Test
Level Test
Level Test

Why study at The language Web?

The language Web will improve your English skills, prepare you for the Cambridge exams (optional) and give you the opportunity to make new friends from different countries.

  • Dedicated CELTA English teachers

  • Cambridge exam preparation

  • Live lessons, full feedback from the teacher

  • Virtual classes offer 100% student participation

  • Students interact orally, with document sharing and interactive whiteboard

  • Make new friends

Who can study at The language Web?

We welcome EU (pre-)settled status students living in the UK and students living in the EU. Do you need Cambridge exam qualifications for university entrance or employment?

  • Au pairs living in London (Classroom and online lessons)

  • Au pairs currently working in the UK outside London (online classes)

  • Young professionals and individuals living in the EU

  • Former au pair students who would like an English refresher

  • Pre-universtiy students requiring an exam entrance level

English language skills

The classes cover the four main language skills of speaking, listening, writing and reading, paying particular attention to grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Attendance, Homework, Tests and Certificates

Au pair students are expected to attend all lessons, work hard, be attentive, actively participate in the lessons.  Only English is spoken whilst in class.

  • 10 hours of study a week available (including homework)

  • Letter of attendance

  • End of term certificate

  • End of term tests

Terms and Conditions

To secure a place for the autumn term, we require full payment in advance.  Fees are only refundable in the highly unlikely event that classes are cancelled by The language Web. Students can pay by bank transfer, Wise, Revolut or Monzo.

Class Levels

(Click on table for detailed level information)
(* Exams are Optional)


IELTS at The language Web

If you wish to apply for a course at an English University, and English is not your native language, then you will probably need to pass the IELTS academic exam. The language Web offers IELTS study classes to help with your required grade. The four main skills, reading, speaking, listening and writing, examined in the IELTS exam are covered in class giving you all the necessary practice you might require to raise your grade.

Registration for the exam, through a London Exam Centre, can take place on a fortnightly basis.

Contact Hazel at info@thelanguageweb.com for further information.


1:1 or 2:1 Online English Tuition

1:1 or 2:1 tailored English lessons with The language Web

Whether for daily conversation to improve fluency, or specific exam preparation, The language Web provides tailor-made training to cover your specific requirements.

Contact Hazel at info@thelanguageweb.com for further information.










Where Are We

Meet our Tutors

Our aim is to make learning interesting and enjoyable, to build your confidence and to provide you with the language skills you require to express yourself naturally. Our Tutors are vastly experienced and CELTA qualified in all aspects of English language tuition.

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Covid-19 Virus update

The language Web - COVID-19 update Saturday  27 February 2021 : 17:00 Our Classrooms are located in Balham, London. Therefore, according to current Government guidelines: ALL CLASSES WILL CONTINUE  ONLINE FOR THE SPRING TERM 2021 Classes can be accessed online in real-time and afterwards on-demand. INFORMATION TO STUDENTS Hazel [...]

What the students say

I started my English courses when I arrived here in January and I did courses twice a week during 3 months. I can say that I enjoyed this so much! Hazel is an amazing person, and a great teacher. She’s very smart and so thoughtful. She helped me a lot when I needed some advice, and I definitely improved my English with her help. We were just 4 students in my class so we could practice a lot our spoken English. Hazel is open-minded and we had pleasant conversation with her. I sincerely recommend Hazel to learn a good English quickly. Thank you again!

Anne Sophie, France

When I came to London my English was less than elementary, I could just say ‘yet’ or ‘not’. Even if I knew the grammar it was like I had any word in my mind but I couldn’t speak up. Hazel was able to pull them out and she made me talk. I felt like a child when he finally can tell everyone what he’s thinking without doubt. I found the job I’ve always wished for. It was amazing having Hazel as my teacher, she became my friend. The most important thing she gave me a method and now I can keep studying by myself, but if I need I know she will be there.

Sara, Italy

I met Hazel at a private school some years ago where I studied Business English with her. She was such a brilliant teacher that I asked her to give me one- to- one classes. If you are looking for someone who is passionate, professional and dedicated to her work – It’s Hazel. She has tailored my lessons to my needs by using a variety of methods and techniques. Having come here with little English, I am now working in a management role. I was lucky to meet her, as she is not only a great teacher but also a good friend.

Joanna, Poland

I have known Hazel as my teacher at a language school for pre-intermediate class and later on due to her skills I chose her as my private teacher to help me prepare for the FCE exam which I successfully passed. Hazel is very friendly and hard-working person always well prepared for a lesson with many years of experience in teaching. I found her techniques very helpful and well-focused in areas I needed a help to improve the most.
I would definitely recommend Hazel to starters and also professionals who are looking for well-balanced lessons with a professional attitude and skilled person keen on helping you to improve in English language.

Tomas, Czech Republic

In lessons you will learn different skills, which are important for the english language, e.g. the difference and the use of all times, different forms of words and how you can change and use them, writing essays, reviews, reports etc. You will be also specialised in “Writing, Listening, Speaking”. It is important that every student has the possibility to share their opinion with their class about the topics, you are discussing about in this moment.
I wasn´t thinking about doing the cambridge exam, but after a few months of hard working, training and a great preparation for the special exercises you have to do in the exam. I passed like the most of Hazel students.

Anne, Germany

Nuria, from Spain passed FCE and went on to Lower Advanced level
“I highly recommend this English school because it helped me to achieve my aim to pass my FCE. Moreover I consider that the prices are affordable.”

Nuria, Spain

When I came in London I was terrified!, I thought “how can learn and improve my English?”
My host mum found Hazel and her English school in the website “Nappyvalleynet” and I’m grateful to her because she CAN’T find a better school!
My teacher Caroline has been patient, kind, she is brilliant and she help me a lot to improve my English with grammar, listening, speaking and writing lessons and she was always ready to give you an help!
I can’t say thank you enough for all of that, but I’m sure I could recommend “The language web” as a best English school!

Giorgia , Italy

Learn English, prepare for exams and make new friends

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    Please get in touch by email or mobile.  We like meeting in person at the church but this must be done by appointment.

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